The Filing Clerk's Revenge

Design of front cover and typesetting of novel

Everyone likes a good book! But what’s better than a good book? A good book with a great cover!
I design book covers for writers, novelists and book club members. Before I start designing a cover I read through the entire book. Once I’ve read a book, and got a good understanding of the story, the narrative I then design the cover to effectively communicate what the book is about.
The example shown here was a book cover for a novel I designed in 2017 called ‘The Filing Clerks Revenge’ by John Bradbury. I designed the cover, the spine and also typeset the pages so that they looked as good as the cover. By typesetting the pages I mean, I choose the font style, the font size, the leading amount (space between the lines of text) and the margins sizes, all of which go into making text on a page look great when it’s done right. Publication turned out great.

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