Reparations for Columbia

A4 Perfect Bound 68 Page Report

In August 2018 I started working with Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) following the successful production of a series of reports for another client and their positive feedback of me to QUB.
The first project I worked on was a series of six reports for QUB’s School of Law and BrexitLawNI. Once designed the reports were then printed in-house, and PDF versions were uploaded to the QUB website. More recently I’ve been working with the School of Law on the design of a policy paper entitled ‘Reparations in Columbia Where To?’
The report turned out great, and was produced in both English and Spanish. I typeset and designed both. Once printed the Spanish version was brought out to Bogotá in Columbia by the team from QUB.
For the design and style of the reports I kept them very clean and uncluttered. The pages were setup as one column with lots of white space, and where indicated by the client, photos and tables have been inserted with captions and descriptions. On many of the pages there are also footnotes positioned at the bottom of the pages.
Colours for the reports came from the colours of the Colombian flag, yellow, red and blue, but I’ve restricted the use of colour on the pages so that when it is used it has impact. Really nice reports, and both the English and Spanish versions turned out great.
The report is available here in English and in Spanish.

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