New Life for Old Streets

A4 Perfect Bound 100 page Book

The Walled City Partnership Limited (WCP) comprising of the Foyle Civic Trust, Derry City Council and the City Centre Initiative was formed in July 2002 with the purpose of preserving and enhancing the architectural and historical character of Derry both within and around the historic city walls. 
The Partnership is responsible for implementing and administering the Walled City Townscape Heritage Initiative supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The Partnership board is made up of building professionals, experienced business managers along with public representatives. 
In February 2018 I was asked to tender by the group for the opportunity to design and print a report into the life of the programme detailing their objectives and achievements. 
I was successful in winning the tender and I was then subsequently given the opportunity to organise the design, proof reading and printing of their publication detailing what had been achieved during the life of the programme, and including this in the publication. 
The publication is beautiful and isn’t just a report, it’s much more than that. It tells a story of the streets of Derry, Shipquay Street, Magazine Street, Castle Street, Waterloo Street and many more, each street, each building tells its own unique history and story. 
The publication has been written by Dr. Liam Campbell, Queen’s University Belfast, designed by me, proof read by Victoria Woodside at Proofreader NI and printed and finished by W&G Bairds the printers, so there has been a great production team on this from start to finish, plus we started with extremely good material to begin with which shows through in the quality of the publication.
It was a fascinating project to work on and I loved being part of it. The Walled City Partnership committee were amazing to work with, such a nice group and such interest and enthusiasm in the project, and this comes across in the quality of the work of the WCP and the quality of the publication. I now count them all as good friends.

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