Groom Formal Hire

Logo Design

Groom Formal Hire are a gents wedding hire company based in Banbridge, Co. Down, Northern Ireland. They have grown to become one of the top wedding and formal wear suppliers in Northern Ireland.
Since their doors opened back in 2008 their hire suit ranges have grown considerably, they now offer 12 different colours of suits and 21 different jacket styles.
I’ve worked with Groom for a few years now and have created designed and printed brochures, flyers and other similar items for them during this time. Recently Groom relocated their operations to a new location in Banbridge and asked me to design and create a new logo for the business.
The new logo turned out great and uses the letter ‘G’, and combines this with a tie as a reference to the formal hire part of the business.
Slides 2-5 show how the logo looks against a light and dark background (early design before final colours were applied), slide 1 is the final rendering of the logo with the new colours chosen by the client and applied by the signage company 4 Corners Sign & Display, and slide 6 is a photo of the new signage that 4 Corners Sign and Display in Lisburn created and fitted.

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