Divided Society

A4 folded to DL Trifold Leaflet and series of six GSCE works on the Peace Process in Northern Ireland.

“What is Divided Society?

Since the late 1960s the Linen Hall Library in Belfast has been collecting material relating to the conflict in Northern Ireland. Over the years the Library has become the repository for a huge amount of material relating to the subject and the subsequent peace process.
The Northern Ireland Political Collection now consists of over 350,000 items including books, pamphlets, leaflets, posters, manifestos, press releases, newspapers, objects and many thousands of periodicals. It is a completely unique collection that is unrivalled throughout the world.
The Divided Society project has digitised and catalogued a significant section of the Northern Ireland Political Collection. Over 500 periodical titles relating to the conflict and peace process are available to search and consult. These are publications that were published between 1990-1998 in the UK, Ireland and further afield, and documented the issues that affected Northern Ireland during that period.
Education and Outreach was an important part of the project. This included an intergenerational reminiscence project involving community groups discussing the conflict alongside students from schools and universities.
Audio recordings from this work are available in the Outreach section along with six educational toolkits. Divided Society is a unique and important resource that explores a critical time in Northern Ireland’s history.”
I worked with the Linen Hall Library in 2017 on the design and artwork for their toolkits (education resources) and also the publicity material for the programme.

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