The Bed Shop

Advert Design

The Bed Shop Belfast is a very successful bed shop based in the heart of East Belfast.
The owner has over 30 years of experience in the bedding industry, and offers a wide choice of beds and accessories from locally sourced suppliers. They are also Sleep Council accredited advisors so you can trust them to advise and direct you to the correct product for your requirement.
I was asked to design the business a logo device that they could use in signage, adverts and other marketing material. I created a number of logos, one of which they currently use although this isn’t that logo. I like this logo because of its clever use of negative space with the letter ‘B’ so it looks like a bed. This is then reinforced with the teddy bear positioned at the top part of the ‘B’.
I know self praise is no praise but even with this in mind I still think it’s clever and have always liked it.

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