Contessa Limited

Logo and Stationery Design and Print

New logo device created for Contessa Limited, An AXIS Capital Company who have offices in London and Enniskillen. The logo has been used on business cards for seven members of staff, letterheads, compliment slips and email signatures.
My brief for the new logo was to communicate the change in Contessa as a refocused and reinvigorated operation following it’s acquisition with AXIS. The theme similar to the old logo was to use the letter ‘C’ as the focal point of the new identity. Research on other insurance / financial companies and their logos indicated that quite generic shapes are used, i.e. circles, squares and rectangles.
The new logo device for the Contessa Limited brand uses the theme of the letter ‘C’ as the previous logo did, however the new logo uses it in a much more modern and simplified way.
The new logo is made up of 3 ‘C’s’ signifying the three levels between Contessa and the end user. Outer ‘C’ (below left) represents Contessa, middle ‘C’ (below middle) represents the broker and the inner ‘C’ (below right) represents the end user.

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