Bordering at Brexit and Brexit at the Boarder Reports

Two A4 Reports, 72 pages

‘Bordering on Brexit’ and ‘Brexit at The Border’ are two reports that I designed in 2017 and 2018.
The first report looks at the views from local communities in the Central Border Region of Ireland / Northern Ireland. An ‘online survey and focus groups were used in this research to better understand the nature of cross-border movement in the Central Border Region now alongside the anticipated effects of Brexit from the perspective of local communities. It is not intended to be a comprehensive report on the potential impact of Brexit across a range of sectors but rather an opportunity to record the views of local communities who are ‘bordering on Brexit’ in a very literal way, from both sides of the border.
‘Brexit at the Border’ was the second report, and was published in June 2018. This study also gave voice to border citizens and undertook to record those voices through both an online survey which received almost 600 responses and a series of focus groups with 49 participants from across the Central Border Region.
The resultant report highlighted the hopes and fears of border citizens in a post-Brexit world and the overriding need to protect a hard-won and valued peace.
Both reports were authored for the ‘Irish Central Border Area Network’ by Dr Katy Hayward of Queens University Belfast.
Link to Bordering on Brexit report on QUB website,780606,en.pdf
Link to Brexit at the Border report on QUB website,824444,en.pdf

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