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Vehicle Livery Design

I normally design small format print items, books, magazines, leaflets, flyers, posters etc, but I do also design larger items such as vehicle graphics, and have in the past designed graphics for cars (both road cars and rally cars), boats and planes. The only thing I haven’t designed graphics for yet are space rockets, but I’m sure if I did the client would be over moon with the result.
The example I’ve posted here is for a company called ASKUz Limited who asked me to design and create graphics for their two company vehicles. A Peugeot 107 and a Smart ForTwo Smart Car.
Both turned out great and we’re a mixture of vinyl and digitally printed graphics. I designed the graphics in Adobe Illustrator (slide two) and then these were expertly fitted and applied to the vehicles by 4 Corners Sign & Display in Lisburn.

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