Any Bright Ideas

Logo Design

As a designer you never switch off, you’re always looking, observing, logging and mentally noting down the things and ideas that you see for future reference. In 2008 I designed a logo for ‘Any Bright Ideas’ an arts therapist based in Enniskillen. I had designed logos before this, lots of logos but they had all been for corporate type businesses, and I knew the tone and style of the logo for Any Bright Ideas was going to need to be different.
I then went on a short break to Barcelona, love Barcelona, in fact my wife and I spent part of our honeymoon there. Anyway when I was in Barcelona on this occasion I noticed all the street art, the colours and textures of the artwork against the different surfaces that they were sprayed onto and it gave me an idea, that’s what the Any Bright Ideas logo should be like. Colourful, loose, fun and creative. I then saw the Pablo Picasso artwork on Barcelona’s (Plaça Nova) College of Architects building (slide 4), with what looked like lines drawn in pencil or charcoal, very loose, but very clear and not at all corporate which was exactly the style I was going for.
On my return home I created a series of random sketches (slide 3) using oil pastels, must have created about fifty sketches in total, all random and created by chance. I then went through the sketches looking for shapes, and that’s when I spotted one of the sketches with what looked like a heart, an eye and an ear, all senses that are used when creating art. It was perfect. From there I scanned it into the computer and converted it to a vector graphic so it could be scaled up or down without any loss of quality, while still retaining it’s unique artisan appearance.

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