Anita Mukherjee A Friend Remembered

210mm Sq. Casebound 32 Page Book.

Anita Mukherjee was a well-known and highly respected community worker from Enniskillen in Co. Fermanagh. Anita passed away in 2014. Originally from Calcutta, Anita had made Enniskillen her home and was actively involved in many local community groups over the years, including Fermanagh Police and Community Safety Partnership, Fermanagh Women’s Network, Soroptimists, and Northern Ireland Rural Women’s Network.
At the turn of the Century Anita left India, when Tapan her husband became general manager of an engineering firm in County Fermanagh. Fermanagh quickly became home to Anita, Tapan and son Rohan. Anita began to get actively involved in community life in Fermanagh. Probably her biggest achievement was establishing Women of the World in Fermanagh in 2001, a group which both helps to counteract the isolation of women who have settled in the County from across the world and promotes equality and diversity.
Anita was a charismatic community volunteer from 2001 onwards, helping Women of the World (WOW) become a positive force for good. At a time of significant change in society Anita and her colleagues helped support and celebrate the growing ethnic and cultural diversity in Fermanagh. WOW’s social evenings including a ‘Taste of India’, ‘An African Night’ and ‘A Glimpse of Asia’ were hugely popular, entertaining audiences with songs, dance, music, fashion and food.
In 2015 I was asked by The Fermanagh Trust to work with them on the production of a book, to design it and organise the printing of it. It’s a beautiful book, hardcover and square in format. It pays tribute to Anita and her work within the community. On completion the book was then presented to friends and family.

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