If you have a design and print project in mind I would love to hear about it.
Established in 2007, I design and organise the printing of small and large format print items for my clients, including books, magazines, newsletters, leaflets, flyers and posters, logos, stationery and banners as well as many other design and print items. If you need something designed and printed, then I can do it.
I create every project with care and attention, and because I work with a network of quality printers I can always find the best print solution, turn around time and price for my clients.

Client provided content
Initially content that is to be included in a design is provided to me at the start of a job, normally via email, Dropbox, DVD, pen drive etc. This will include all text, images, logos, graphs and anything that is to be included in the design.
After reviewing the supplied content I will discuss the design requirements with the client to set a tone for the work to be undertaken, either on the telephone or face to face in person. This will include the tone and message that needs to be presented, how the artwork will look, what colours will be used etc. Whether there are any mandatory elements that need to go into the design that I need to be aware of.
By discussing this with the client at the start, we can set and agree the tone and style to be applied to the artwork.

Concept outline and approval
Once the design requirements have been discussed, I then start creating the design concepts. The number of concepts can vary from project to project but every design starts out as a sketch, a good idea. Once I've got the good idea identified I then discuss this with my client to ensure that it's in line with what they have imagined for the project.

Approval of good idea
On approval of the good idea I then draw up the designs, drop in photos, stock images where needed and provide this as a proof to my client. At this stage the designs will be looking great, and almost complete, they just won't be artworked (print ready).
By seeking approval of the design, I will then have an approved tone and design style to apply to the design when artworking it for print.

Send client a PDF by email for proof reading and approval
Following stage three I will provide the client with a PDF proof via email to check for grammar, spelling, punctuation within the layout prior to approval to go to production.

Final approval and delivery
On receiving approval that the artwork is correct, it will then go to production. Delivery of printed material will be directly to client's address.
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